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Kona European Auto Repair

Welcome to our shop!


Politely understated and so fun to drive.

New Convertible Top

We can install new convertible tops on all European vehicles.

G wagon!

This is an amazing older G wagon. Very well cared for!

Yellow Cayman

We love this color!

A well preserved Vanagon

A well preserved Vanagon. This one is super clean!

Wheel Alignment Setup

We have a state of the art alignment machine that can handle any vehicle.

Rolls Royce

This beautiful Silver Shadow sat for 8 years and has a long road ahead to get it driveable again.

Wheel Alignment Sensor Head

Our 8 sensor alignment machine can handle any vehicle. Even vehicles that are notoriously difficult to align. We can handle it!

Packed in for the night

At the end of the day, we pack all of the cars safely inside for the night.

1973 Mercedes 280

1973 Mercedes 280.

1965 Mustang

This 1965 is one of the cleanest classic Mustangs we've seen.

Mercedes Wagon

We love the combination of utility, comfort and quality. This well cared for wagon is better than most most "crossover" vehicles sold today. The Europeans had this all figured out years ago.

1954 MG TF

Great color for this awesome example of the very rare 1954 MG TF.


Nearly identical Rovers!

2001 BMW 740iL

Beautiful 2001 BMW 740iL


This hot hatch is also turbocharged!

Kona European Auto Repair Sign

Our new sign arrived!

Cayenne twin turbo engine.

Cayenne twin turbo engine.

Wheel Alignment

We can do wheel alignments on the classic cars, too!

Meyers Manx

This Meyers Manx was built by and hand signed by Bruce Meyers himself.



1959 Cadillac Convertible

Replacing the tired original engine on this 1959 Cadillac Convertible with a modern and reliable LS3 conversion.

Ferrari Testarossa

I can hear the Miami Vice theme song in my head every time I see this beautiful Testarossa.

1962 Willys

An great example of a 1962 Willys.

A line up of awesome German cars!

A line up of awesome German cars!

Land Rover Defender 110

This is probably the coolest Defender 110 you'll ever see.

Gunner's 911

Porsche Club President in his amazingly well preserved 911.

That's a sweet dashboard!

That's a sweet dashboard in this E63 AMG S!

Restored Wagoneer

This 1990 Wagoneer was fully restored and looked like new.

911, old and new.

Old School, New School. Both super cool!

Wonder Woman's Car!

Wonder Woman's car! AKA: The Invisible Jet.

Beautiful Dune Buggy!

This is a really fantastic Dune Buggy.

1967 Chevelle

This 1967 Chefelle has Amazing orange paint!

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